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 Recycle. Different.  At Custom Polymers, we don’t just talk recycling, we live it!   Last year alone we recycled more than 200 million pounds of plastic worldwide.  December 2011



Grand Opening, Athens AL  Custom Polymers PET, LLC and Custom Polymers, Inc. welcomed guests to an open house Monday September 12, 2011 to celebrate the expansion of their new washline.  The guest list included local dignitaries as well as State and Federal Representatives, partners involved in the project, and local neighbors.  Guest speakers included John N. Calhoun, Partner, and Steve Alexander, Director of the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers. 



Quality At Custom Polymers we do more than recycle and reprocess plastic, we perfect it - in fact we perfected over 350 million pounds of plastic last year.  September 2011



Promotion & Marriage - Daniel Buck   5 years tenure with Custom Polymers, was promoted to Production Manager this October, managing value added processes including guillotining, grinding, baling, and sorting in Charlotte NC.  In addition to a promotion, Daniel and Catharine were married August 5, 2011.  Congratulations Daniel.  September 2011 



Expansion of PET operations in Alabama   Custom Polymers PET, LLC announced that it has expanded its PET operations in Athens, AL.  Processing post-consumer and post-industrial PET by grinding, washing and pelletizing the plastic so it can be recycled back into a variety of applications including FDA-qualified food grade products.  July 2011